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New to this board. Hoping someone might relate.
I have a 15 year old daughter with many of the symptons of PCOS. I first learned of this watching a segment on a medical show. She is overweight, hair growth, may skip period for months on end, acne problems (though is a teen!), dark skin under arms, has been hospitilized; possible ovarian cyst. We noticed her body growth around age 3. Have been to a pediatric endocrinologist when she was in 3rd grade. Has had tests run, cannot really remember all of them. Is now going to a gyno, on Yasmin to help regulate her periods. Seems to be helping, but still not regular.
My question, is she too young to be diagnosed? Her gyno (female) said it's really difficult to diagnose. I know that, but what tests could we start with?
Has no pituitary problems, diabetes, high bp. Basically healthy. Cannot find an answer for her weight. They say it's genetic. Possibly, grandfather and great grand mother with weight issues. I've noticed readers mentioning testosterone tests. Should I bring that up?
[I]Did anyone have signs in their teens, but not diagnosed until they tried to [/I][I]conceive?[/I] Also is dealing with depression/anxiety. I think it has to do with her weight and self esteem. Meds and counseling for that. Thanks for any replys.

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