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hello everyone~ First off, I want to give you a bit of history...

I have always had regular periods. I started becoming irregular about 2 years ago. I just flat out would not get my period! Doctor's would dismiss my concerns because blood work would come back normal for hormone inbalances. They would perscribe BCP's and send me on my way. While taking BCP's, I was fine. I was getting my periods as usuall and very ponctual. I then decided to go off of BC- the hole roller coaster started all over again. It seemed as though I could not get my period without some sort of hormone therapy. WEIRD! Now this last visit, I asked my GYN for the THIRD time what the heck is going on with me. He told me that my blood tests(that were taken about 6 months ago-and told to me they came back normal) showed some signs that suggests PCOS.

-I am having an issue with this diagnosis because although I do have a couple of the symtoms associated with PCOS(thining hair/no periods), I have not had abnormal facial hair growth, unusual weight gain, or acne. In fact, I have never suffered from acne my entire LIFE! Yea I did gain about 10 pounds within 6 months, but that was all me! I was eating like a COW. I knew I was gaining weight and did nothing to prevent it. So my 10 pounds should have no association with PCOS. I'm just abit confused and worried that it might be something else. Now my doctor says- loose weight, excercise and you should become regular within a few years. He tells me that PCOS is something I'm BORN with. Don't understand because I haven't had any problems in the past up until now.

Don't get me wrong- I REALLY like my doctor. He is a very intelligent person and I trust what he says, but it seems as though my symptoms and the diagnosis do not add up. I have also been having Pelvic pain. He gave me a pelvic exam and says everything looks good.:dizzy:

Another question- isn't PCOS associated with small cycts around your overies? He checked me and said I don't have any.

I know this is abit long, but any advice or recommendations will help a great deal. And have any of you used Herbal remedies to get your periods regular agian? I'm not the biggest fan of birth control. Increases your risks of alot of other issues. :eek:

It seems as though one medication will help you with one illness, but will cause another! :dizzy:

Thanks- Wishing_Well

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