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Hi! I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago, after having a constant period for 6 months straight, and it was really heavy. :mad: I had several blood tests done, which showed elevated testosterone, and androgen, and low levels of thyroid. Also, my glucose levels were off. Had several intervaginal ultrasounds, which showed cysts covering my ovaries. I was put on Provera (at that time I could not take any form of birth control due to high risk for stroke and major migraines). It got rid of the period, and I slowly regained my strength. but ever since if I am not right on top of my medication (and even if I am sometimes), my periods dont come at all. Is it normal to first ahve an extemely long period with PCOS? Since then my periods have been exactly 7 days (except this month, but I think that is because I am on my 3rd month of the Nuvaring, which my new GYN prescribed, in hopes that it will help). I have horrible cramps, and they don't come just during my period. My GYN said that PCOS does not make you have cramps, much less when you are off of your period, so why am I having them so bad? And my periods are extremely heavy (going through a super plus tampon and super pad within an hour to two hours). :confused: What are my options? My GYN was not very helpful in helping me out, however I just changed 3 months ago due to my other GYN not helping me out at all, after I was sent to the ER for major cramps following a dose of Monistat 3(which I still do not know what happened there). :dizzy: The GYN said that there was no point in looking, because he "knew" I had a yeast infection. Turned out to be something completely different. Yeah, sorry for the long post, I just need some answers, because I don't know what is going on, and what to expect really. I also have several other health concerns that have been oging on for a long time (they just figured out that I have been sick since September due to my gallbladder). I was diagnosed with Diabetes shortly after the PCOS, but now it is under control and I am off of the metformin.

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