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I haven't met too many other PCOS sufferers, do any of you suffer from night chills or sweats? The chills are the worst!! I used to get one every night. When it became 2 a night, I finally sought help from the doctor. It was horrible for both myself & my hubby (the shaking & shivering). Then about a year ago came the night sweats. Not as nearly as bad as the chills but bothersome. The meds are helping now. Thank goodness.

Anybody have similar problems?
Bumping up.
Can't say that I do. I did want to reply to your post, as I understand the frustration of having posts going un-replied. :(

Do you have other symptoms along with the chills and the night sweats? What are you taking for them? I've never heard of chills and night sweats as symptoms of PCOS, but it's not to say that it's impossible. What does your doctor think?

I suffer from HORRIBLE night sweats!!!! I wake up many mornings soaked. I've gotten better, but at one time, I would wake up every single morning literally husband was to the point that he didn't want to sleep in the bed with me cause it was just disgusting. But, thankfully, it has gotten better on it's own.
I have experienced night sweats too even though I am on oral contraceptives and my endocrinologist told me that it is most likely from anxiety due to worrying about pcos so much! He said sometimes we think every symptom is a result of pcos, but really it is from the anxiety associated with it. However, if you experience hot flashes and night sweats when off the pill, for example during the week you are on the sugar pills and have your period, it could be from a drop in estrogen. Just wanted to share my thoughts with you. I was so scared when I started getting them thinking I had cancer or something! Try not to worry because that just makes everything worse!
When I told my doctor about the sweats & chills she put me on spironolactone. It does work for me, when I take it. (With all the meds my family takes I don't always think I can afford to take it like I should. You know, Mom always does without.) The other night I had a bad night chill that woke me up out of a sound sleep & then I had night sweats the rest of night! I just hate it! It's frustrating! I don't sleep & I keep my hubby awake. The doctor never told me any different, so I just assumed it was the PCOS?? I do take birth control & have had hormonal issues. I was just wondering if anyone else has suffered with the same issues. Thanks.
i haven't had this problem yet
The only relief I have found is the spironolactone. If I miss it for awhile I go right back to the chills. I get them so bad, I shiver, shake & my teeth chatter no stop. My husband says it is almost like a seizure.

I was beginning to think I was the only one out there that had this problem:confused: I hope your doctor can get you straightened out.
i know this thread was started awhile ago, but i have pcos and also suffer from night sweats both when i was on and off the pill. does anyone know what causes it? i read that spirolactone helped. are the nightsweats related to testosterone levels?
I'm not sure what causes it. I will ask my doctor when I go back to see her next month. All I know is that she wasn't all that surprised when I told her what was going on.
I never had a problem with night sweats until I started the spirolactone last thursday. Last night I may have slept for an hour and all of a sudden I was sooooo hot :blob_fire I had to come out of my clothes but then I couldnt sleep. I watched the clock until my alarm went off and then thats when I got sleepy. I know the doctor says not to stress about the issue of pcos but when its a bothersome to my everyday life, I cant help but to worry. I have a doc appt tomorrow I will ask what causes the night sweats and reply back.

ms. barton, florida
What did you find out?

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