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i know this thread was started awhile ago, but i have pcos and also suffer from night sweats both when i was on and off the pill. does anyone know what causes it? i read that spirolactone helped. are the nightsweats related to testosterone levels?
I'm not sure what causes it. I will ask my doctor when I go back to see her next month. All I know is that she wasn't all that surprised when I told her what was going on.
I never had a problem with night sweats until I started the spirolactone last thursday. Last night I may have slept for an hour and all of a sudden I was sooooo hot :blob_fire I had to come out of my clothes but then I couldnt sleep. I watched the clock until my alarm went off and then thats when I got sleepy. I know the doctor says not to stress about the issue of pcos but when its a bothersome to my everyday life, I cant help but to worry. I have a doc appt tomorrow I will ask what causes the night sweats and reply back.

ms. barton, florida

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