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I just wanted to let everyone who is discouraged, scared, and confused know that there is hope, and alot of us can actually live relativly normal lives with PCOS. I am 26 and was diagnosed with PCOS. My symptoms are: periods every 8 weeks, Major hair loss and male pattern baldness, a "beard", hairy stomach and back, terrible thick dandruff and scalp pain, and acne. Finally, I had had enough when I could no longer hide the bald spot in the front of my head. You have to be firm and agressive and take control of your treatment and do your research. You may not want to take the meds, I didn't, but believe me, life is so much better on them, and the side affects usually go away after the first two weeks. I started my treatment just under 3 months ago, and my hair has stopped falling out and started to grow back, my acne is gone, my dandruff/itchy scaly scalp is gone, and my "beard" gets less and less noticable every week. Still have the hairy body though. Everyone is different, but if it helps, I will list what I did for treatment:

Yasmine BC pills
Metformin (500mg)
Spiro (25 mg)
Nizoral Shampoo 2%
Tea tree oil Shampoo
"lower" carb diet (not low carb, just lower)
EXERCISE at least 30 minutes EVERY day
Wash your hair everyday!

As far as pregnancy goes, lots of women with PCOS give birth and have healty babies, it just might take a little longer. I know lots of them, and lots on this board have healthy babies. Now that I am getting my symptoms under control, I will try in about a year to get pregnant. I am afraid of stopping my spiro and Yasmine though. They have helped me so much. Just hang in there, and best of luck to you. You are not alone. There are alot of us out there.

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