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Jen ~ I am so sorry treatment failed for you. :( Did you try IUI/Injectibles or IVF? I know that isn't an option for a lot of people (as for us right now, we're not ready for that route) but that's what my Dr's suggested we do if Clomid & such failed to work. I made it clear we weren't ready so now they are taking different approaches to everything - the Endo Biopsy to check for Uterine Cancer or abnormal cells on my Uterus, and doing other procedures/tests to find out why I do not get a cycle. I've had 2 in almost 2 years, which both were induced by the Provera. How many cycles of Clomid did you do?

We're very much alike in the sense of Type 2 Diabetes & PCOS. They're both very difficult to control. Do you have AIM or Yahoo so we may chat, if you're interested? Let me know! :) I'd love to talk, exchange stories & advice, etc.

PS. We are not quite there yet to throw in the towel on procedures, etc. I am going to locate a good RE in our area just in case our current Dr's can't make any progress with us. Were you seeing an RE or regular OB/GYN?


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