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Nope I was diagnosed based on symptoms. Irregular periods, severe cystic acne (not since accutane though), depression, and later was found to have high testosterone levels. After learning more about PCOS I'm surprised no one ever did that.

I'll try to make this story as short as possible: Started taking pamelor at 15 for depression (after 3 years of therapy), gained 15 lbs in 6 weeks, another 20 over the next year or so after eating better and exercising. Periods went from about every other month to occasional. Then the constant bleeding (for up to 3 months at a time or as short as 2 weeks) that was not helped for more than a couple months or made worse by BCPs started and continued for about 8 years until I was tapered off the pamelor at 31 (now 33). I'm not regular but after 2 years off the pamelor I no longer bleed for months, instead I just have about 3-5 a year but I have not lost the weight I gained despite increased vigilance with diet and exercise. Lately my appetite has decreased significantly (I'm just not hungry) but zero weight loss. :mad: I also started smoking at 14 and today is my quit day (hopefully for real this time).

Good thing I don't like children since I probably couldn't have them if I tried (I'd need a sex drive for that too :p .)

Edit- I went to the doc for the appetite loss and fullness. Since my last pap was December and my chems and CBCs were normal she did not have any recommendation.

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