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Hi Ladies,
I was diagnosed with PCOS today and I have a lot of questions...first let me tell you a little bit of my scenerio..
My hubby and I have been trying to get preggo with child #2 for 2 years..My first pregnancy was easy and I got pregnant very easy.
My son is now 3 and since I've had him my periods have been all over the place, it is impossible for me to lose weight unless I am following a low GI diet, and my periods are just different when I have them, not anything like how they used to be, lots of pain and cramping. .Anyway I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about 2 years ago and I assumed that was the reason we were having problems conceiving. Well about a month ago things went haywire for me. I was having even more unusually spotting and one night in my sleep I stretched my legs and felt a horrible ripping in my pelvis right where my ovaries were. It hurt for a few seconds then went away so I just went back to sleep. The next morning I was having a horrible pain in my pelvis. It felt like my ovaries were on fire. So I called my obgyn and got into her office for an ultrasound a few days later..Since they know we are ttc I also had a preg test done..of course that was negative but the ultrasound showed a ruptured cyst. My obgyn then ordered blood work and to make a long story short that is how I found out about my pcos.
sorry this is so here are my questions...on July 12 I am going back to her office for a consult and will get a prescription for metformin and that visit..has anyone had luck with this medicine with ttc?
how awful are the side effects?
do most insurance companies pay for it?
I will love to hear anything about what to expect over the next few weeks..
I read that a low GI diet helps with insuline resistents? is that true? I think I am going to start that tomorrow..
thanks for reading this..any feedback will be great

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