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Yesterday I had a water sono done and the doctor and tech were talking pretty much in dr lingo to each other and they were looking at the montitor and said it is classic POS.... I asked what that was and they said I am not ovulating monthly. I have been so devasted ever since. Just writing this I am in tears :( I am supposed to be going in for an IUI in the next couple of months without medications. The only reason this sono was done was because they were ruling out fibroids they though they saw on the vaginal sono. I have been researching online all over the place on info. I just got medical clearance to have a baby due to a heart condition. That is now stable thank God. Not only is this PCOS the only problem but last week they called me after the results of my blood work and said my thyroid was elevated for a reproductive procedure. They said it would be in normal range per an endocranoligist.But as for my IUI they said it could prevent me from getting pregnant. So now I am on a new medication for that. I don't know how much more I can take. I was suppose to start my first IUI this week and now it is on hold due to the thyroid problem. Now who knows how much longer it will be. I called the nurse at the reproductive doctor and she told me to start checking for ovulation with the kit yesterday, so I did and nothing:confused: I have to keep checking everyday now until I get a surge and then a week later go in for some blood test to check my progestrine (sp?) level to see if I actually ovulated or not. I also called my gyn back to make a follow up appointment with her, so lucky enough they had a cancelation for tomorrow. I need to be told what this is, how is it treated, how did I get it....etc I loooked at the symptoms online and none of them really apply except for the weight gain and the inability to lose no matter how much dieting and exercise I do. My periods come ever month sometimes a couple of days late and last about 5 days now instead of 6. And the only other thing I can think of is I do have ovarian cysts but they are small. According to the web this is very serious and can lead to some pretty bad stuff. The only other thing that I now have which I don't know is related is elevated tryglycerides which I have never had. Can anyone here please tell me what to expect from this and could I have been misdiagnosed? Any feedback will greatly be appreciated as I am going crazy and don't know where else to turn.
Thanks very much!
Eeyore I also have PCOS was diagnosed when I was 17 and told I may never be able to have a baby. At the time I was devastated also but the more I learned about it and the older I got the more I realized I could do something to have a baby. I did three IUI/injectable cycles which all failed also took Metformin, which is a diabetic medicine, they give it to lots of PCOS patients to help them conceive. I was ready to start looking at adoption and my RE recommended IVF which I didn't have the money for at the time so we decided to wait until Spring(last IUI was in July) to try IVF. And the in November I had the flu and when I went to the DR he asked could you be preggo (because I was seveeral weeks late, last period was Sept 17th) and I said no way and explained. He said well I'm going to perscribe safe meds just in case and I went on my way. A few days later I wanted to take some Nyquil and DH says well maybe you should test first just to be safe. So I took a HPT and it was positive. I said alll of this to let you know it doesn't mean you can't get preggo it may just be a little more difficult. I am now ttc #2 through IVF. There is a book out about PCOS.

PCOS A Woman's Guide to Dealing with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - written by Colette Harris with Dr Adam Carey

I bought it at my local book store.

Hope this makes you feel better.


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