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i have been also diagnosed with pcos, at first i knew that something was wrong because i wasn't having periods and i have a lot of facial hair. I was scared to go to the doctor because i was in denial. Finally i went, because of my mother and i was in constant pain. I went to 2 different doctors at 2 different hospitals and both said I have PCOS. I was devastated but now that i am learning more about it, i want to help someone just like someone helped me. I read about it constantly. Basically if you take care of yourself, you have nothing to worry about. I go to the doctor to have regular check-ups. Its not like you are dying. Why did it have to happen to us. I often ask myself, what did I do to God, that I am not able to have children. I have a period once a year if that. I have to constantly use Nair so people want see my facial hair. No matter what i do, i can't seem to loose weight. I just know that it could be worse for you and I, but thank God that its not. Whatever we have to do to overcome this, we will. Don't let one doctor determine what you have, go see another. GO to any search engine and type in ENDOCRINOLOGIST...then look for doctors in your area or close by then scroll down and make sure that PCOS is showing in the appropiate will give you the name, number, and address of PCOS specialist...Wish you much luck...

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