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Possiblity of PCOS
Aug 1, 2007
My 27 year old daughter has been having irregular periods. She goes for a week at a time, then is done for a week and it starts all over again. She has been passing a lot of clots with it also. Her side hurts and the other night her upper legs hurt. She's so miserable and so depressed. She went to the GYN 2 weeks ago and they did a blood work up and she went back today for a ultrasound. He's a bit stumped because her blood work is all in the normal range but they found small cysts on both ovaries. He wants her to go have her thyroid tested (she's on thyroid medicine for the couple of years. She has Hashimoto’s disease (thyroid). The last year or two, she has really gained weight but her regular MD says her thyroid test is normal and they have only slightly changed her thyroid medicine. The GYN wants her to get an ovulation kit from the pharmacy and test and see if she's ovulating. I'm surprised they didn't do the thyroid test when they did the others 2 weeks ago. Her said all symptoms point to PCOS except for her blood work. Any other suggestions? Anyone else have this happen? Will she have any problems getting pregnant? She doesn't have any kids now. I'm really worried over her. I had problems with pregnancies but I didn't have this problem. HELP!
Her doctor did test for all these things. Her insulin level was fine as was her hormone levels. All blood work was normal. She gain quite a bit of weight in a short period of time and most of it is in her torso & has tried to lose but hasn't had any luck. She does not have excessive hair growth or male pattern hair lost. When she was dignosed with thyroid disease 3 years ago, she gained 20 lb. in about 1-2 months. Her FP doctor put her on thyroid meds. SHe gets it monitored every few months. Went back to him again, and he claims it is normal. She has periods every 2 weeks and they last anywhere from 5-9 days at a time! She's been trying to get pregnant for the last year. I told her to see an actual endocrinologist and she made an appt. today. Can't get in for another month. This dr is a reproductive endocrinologist too as well as an GYN. She's going back next weeks to see her regular GYN and discuss opinions. This is a nightmare for me because I went through 6 miscarriages and 1 stillborn before I even had her and she's my only child. I can really feel for her. :(

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