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[QUOTE=moo411;3174257]I have been taking metforin for that past 4 months and for the last three months I have been having a regular monthly period. I was just woundering if anyone knew if this means that I am ovulating each month or not. I am not sure if the fact that my cycle is becoming regular means that I am ovulating. I have been told a number of things and I am so confused. Any help would be great.[/QUOTE]

hi there,

my advised would be to go to your doctors , as i have been having regular periods for about 4 months first time in 2 years , but my tests are showing my ovulation levels are really low which means i am not ovulating ,all this takes it a blood test on your 21 day cycle and this records your levels but please dont worry as it does'nt all stop there , my doctors is putting me on treatment to make you ovulate,my docotrs terms of putting it is with pcos your ovarys become lazy and they need a kick to start em , i hope this has been useful for you

take care

katey x

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