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Since I was sixteen (I'm in my 30's now), I've been told I most likely have PCOS. My androgens were slightly high, I get monthly ovarian pain, horrible, long, painful periods, cramping, breast pain, etc. I also have more body hair than the women in my family. I'm lucky that I was born with blonde hair, so at least my facial hair is more like a heavy thick blonde peach fuzz for the most part. I had an ultrasound way back when, and nothing conclusive showed. So I never had the official diagnosis. Instead, I was put on the BC pill, which made me sick. So then I was put on depo provera for nearly eight years. It did take care of the monthly problems for the most part, but screwed up my metabolism and created a bunch of other problems. I've been off it for several years now, and still struggling with side effects, plus all the fun of Aunt Flow again, complete with all the prior symptoms.

Since I began eating low carb I've found my breast pain has improved dramatically, but my cramps and ovarian pain are a little worse. I also work out regularly as well, but the combination of diet and exercise does not help me to lose weight. I need to lose about 50 lbs to get back into a decent healthy level. My thyroid has become sluggish as well, so now I have to look into hypothyroid treatments, while battling regular PVC's (heart palps), which mean I probably can't take the usual T4/T3 meds.

Anyway, my doctor wants to put me on Diane, but I refuse to ever put progestin in my body again. Not keen on estrogen either. I've seen a number of you mention that you're taking Metformin. From what I understand that's a drug to help treat type 2 diabetes? I'm curious if most of you have developed diabetes from PCOS, or if it's more a preventative measure to take this drug.

And, are there any other treatments to look into? I'm not looking to get pregnant or anything. I would just like to start feeling healthy. Thanks.

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