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Welcome, ladies. PCOS isn't fun at all, but luckily it IS treatale in a number of different ways. first off, your Insulin and testosterone levels may or may not be high. Typically they are high, though. If your insulin is high, then you will most likely be given Metformin. (I'm not quite sure abotu blood levels, as mine were all normal)

At an ultrasound, or u/s (easier to type) they will either do a normal abdominable u/s, or a vaginal u/s or possibly both. I had both, bt the vaginal u/s was much more clear and showed exactly how many cysts I had on each ovary. (they also foudn a polyp) The vaginal u/s does not hurt at all! :D

After that, the treatment depends on your goals. If you just want a regular period, you'll be put on the Pill. If you want kids, you'll probably be put on clomid or do ovarian drilling. If you just want to ovulate on your own and have a regular period, you'll probably get provera or metformin.

I'm not a doctor and there are exceptions to every rule, as every PCO patient is different. One woman might have all the classic symptoms, another woman might have none, another woman might have Symptom A and B, another woman might have Symptoms B and F, so on.

But i hope this helped a bit!! :D
Hi Heather, I'm also trying to get pregnant, I stopped taking the pill a month ago and my doctor told me to continue taking Metformin also known as glucophase. I know what you mean about the pain during sex and I don't think the glucophase will stop the pain and it's not going to stop the cysts. I have been on Metformin for 3 years now and sometimes I still feel some discomfort and pain during sex. My cysts have been there forever and I might have them for the rest of my life. The glucophage will help you control your blood sugar levels. This drug is mainly used in type 2 diabetics but it was also found to be helpful for women with PCOS to lower their sugar levels and increase their chances of getting pregnant.

As far as what you can expect from having PCOS is that you need to be able to take control of it. It's definitely something you can live with, you just need to know how to. There is going to be many down moments, at least there were for myself. At first a felt very confused, angry, depressed and mad at myself. But I eventually accepted I had PCOS and dicided to do something about it.

If you don't exercise or eat healthy I suggest you start doing that now. If you don't take care of your health and you have PCOS it can cause major health problem later in life, such as, diabetes and heart problems. Just like PrincessSweet said every woman is different and some of the symptoms I have might not be the same as the ones you have. So make sure you have a good specialist you can talk to and answers all your questions.
Although I'm "ok" living with PCOS, there are always going to be challenges and difficulties. My next challenge is getting pregnant which is very difficult for women with PCOS. But I have a lot of hope and faith that it will happen soon.

All the best to you.

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