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Hi JJ95,
Welcome to healthboards. Wow you sound exactly like me when I was first diagnosed about 10 years ago. And NO, you are NOT crazy, it's normal for you to be angry and confused and lost. This is all new to you and it's going to take time for you to come to terms with yourself and with PCOS. What I can suggest to you is to ask to be referred to a good specialist. I go to an IVF doctor who is specialized in PCOS. In the beginning, I also was not getting my periods so he put me on the pill (Yasmin). You know, the pill wasn't so bad because I did get my periods on a regular basis and I didn't gain that much weight. My doctor also put me on Metformin. Many women with PCOS are prescribed this medication, so when you go to another appointment mention this medication to your doctor. But just so you know, if you do go on Metformin it will take some time for you to get used to it because it causes nausea, vomiting, constipation, but on a good note, it might help you lose the weight a bit easier and for some women the periods come back on their own, it will also help control your blood sugar. Please keep in mind that everyone is different, Yasmin and Metformin were very good for me, but they might not be for you, so make sure your doctor runs all necessary test before taking these or any other pills.
I would also suggest for you to do a lot of research on PCOS and really try to understand it. It's good that you already go to the gym and eat healthy because those are the two main things doctors suggest for PCOS. I was also overweight but I lost about 25lbs also by exercising and eating healthy. I went off the pill about a month ago because my husband and I are ready for children, but nothing yet (cross you fingers).
What I can tell you about my personal experience with PCOS is that you'll learn to live with it and you'll learn to control it. Don't let it control you. And don't go through this by yourself, tell a best friend, a sister your mom, it's always good to have someone who will help you through this, and if you feel like crying go ahead don't hold back, it's normal to just let everything out.
I wish you well,
Your friend

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