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[QUOTE=cherryapple;3290098]It deffenitly sounds to me like you might have it. I had alot of the same signs and symtoms but I was lucky enough to have a gynocologist who explained every thing to me including test results!! My only other question would be did you ever have an ultrasound of your ovaries????[/QUOTE

no, when my doctor thought I might have pcos, she had me get some blood drawn and ran some tests...then I was called by a receptionist from the office and she explained my test results only by saying I had high insulin levels and should try to lose weight ansd exercise for that. She also had prescribed BC to regualte my periods. But I hate the way BC makes me feel so I was only on that for a couple months then the next year when I went back she asked about my periods and I said they were absent/iregular and that I had gone off the BC so she prescribed me another brand, whic I then took for a little while and stopped. It was after that, that I went on the diet and started taking those vitamins and had regualer periods for about 6 months......biut its been about 4 months since I ran out of the vitamins.....and I'm dues for a doctor's visit soon. I'm going to tell her I want to be tested for PCOS again and tell her about the ultrasound.

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