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I'm not sure? I have had three children even though I only have maybe two periods a year and I conceived them naturally. I did take clomid but that didn't work for me even though I got to the highest dose. As I'm getting older my problem with hairiness is getting worse, but is that age? or is it the pcos? I am a little over weight now, but that could be my lifestyle and age or pcos? I have just started metformin so hopefully this may help? I have lost my appetite a bit and I'm now starting to lose some weight. So we will see if that helps to bring back my periods to a more regular occurrence.

So is it progressive, It could be for me, or it could be that i have just put on too much weight or just the effects of getting older.
Here is an oldtimer PCOS

Not sure everyone is the same.....Here is my history....I am 54.....I had a mild form of PCOS that went undiagnoised....I had regular periods and was thin...but I was not ovulating every month......I had my first child with ease at age 20..........I started noticing the increase of body hair about at 26.........I had twins at age 36 with help of Clomid Pergonal and GIFT....when I took the Pergonal I only made 3 eggs instead of the normal 16 .....had a tubal pregnancy and a few misscarriages in between there.........In my early 30's had 3 ruptured ovarian cysts that put me in the hospital...... At 47 I started gaining weight, increase in BP and at 54 I have FINALLY been diagnoised but now at my age they call it Insulin Resistance......and I am now on Metformin.

I also suffered from anxiety and depression since age 12 which I hid. It seems to be gone now. I do think it could be connected. I am on blood pressure medicine, thyroid meds, and Metformin.......I do not eat sugar, I exercise daily and eat small frequent meals......I am feeling better now than I have in years.....My weight is coming off too.....
Funny thing is I am still not in menopause yet at age 54........I am irregular but still having some ovulation.........

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