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Ive had the ovrian drilling, going back on clomid in January. 28yrs old and have a Fit and healthy partner with high sperm count.

I have PCOS and Just discovered my tubes are damaged but one is open enough to let sperm through it. I dont ovulate unless im on the clomid, So really looking forward to going back on the treatment, I dont think it worked last time I was taking it as i was with a differant "unhealthy" partner and our sex life was zilch! Which im now very glad about as it was a loveless relationship and no way the ideal environment to bring up a child.

My specialist has put me on the IVF waiting list. But I will be trying the IUI if the clomid fails.

I really want to be able to think possitive and hope to conceive soon. any one know of any one who has been through or is going through the same as myself....?

I know we are all in the same boat here, yet I just feel soooooo alone!


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