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Years back I had multiple bad paps which resulted in precancerous cells or cervical dysplasia. It's not as scarey as it sounds - it is abnormal cells and I had a simple outpatient procedure in which they removed the cells and have never had a problem since. Some women don't even need to have the procedure - it all depends on what level you have. This was probably back 16 years ago. Don't panic that it's cervical cancer because there are many in betweens that it could be, but definitely follow up with it to be sure and to have it monitored and taken care of so it doesn't turn into something to worry about.

As for the irregular periods - I never had regular periods either. I stayed on birth control for years which regulated my periods which is important to keep your cervical lining strong and healthy (especially if you think you may want to have children). I don't want to tell you that you can't get pregnant if you aren't getting a period because you just never know, but I can tell you it is possible to have children with pcos and with irregular periods. When my husband and I were ready to try to get pregnant, I saw a fertility specialist because of the pcos and irregular periods and I just had to go two months worth of taking hormones to regulate myself and then was pregnant and now have a very healthy baby girl.

I didn't receive a lot of information when I was younger about pcos from my doctors so I was never aware of what I needed to do or why I was having irregular periods. Check with your doctor, but they will probably strongly recommend either staying on birth control until you are ready to try to have a baby or to have you take something like Provera every few months to force a period and keep your lining strong and healthy.

Best of luck...and congratulations on your wedding! :)

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