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i've been diagnosed with PCOS since i was 16. my first period wasnt until i was 16,i am now 18; and it was induced by my dr. she had given me a pill to take i believ it was provera (somthin like that) and once i started my period on that i had to take bc continuesly. my dr has changed my bc numerous time since than and if i dont take bc i dont have my period at all. i stopped taking my recent bc which was yasmin about 4 months ago and i havnt had a period since. i have 2 questions...

1st question:: can you still become pregnant if you dont have a period?

2nd question:: in january of 2007 my dr had found abnormal cells on my cervix and i had 2 have like a biopsy done on it. theres a specific name but i cant remember it. the results ame back that the cells were dormant but they never told me what kind of cells they were. i had 2 do a papsmere 4 months later and then 6 months later. my last papsmere was in december and my dr ha called me and 2 tell me she found more abnormal cells on my cervix and i have to go january 3rd,2008 for another biopsy thing. has anyone else had these abnormal cells with PCOS or is it somthing i should be very worried about? well im already worried.... im terrified. im getting married in 3 wks and i dont even know if i'll be able to give my fiancee children. or if these cells could be somthing terrible. could it be cervical cancer? does anyone know the symptoms of cervical cancer? please someone help me with these questions. i've never been quite sure what PCOS is or what its about. my dr hasnt really gone over it and it really scares me. thank you everyone.

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