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Hi there,

This is my background:

Always had irregular periods (3-6 weeks between them). At 20 I went through a stressful time and my period stopped (5-6 months) and I got severe acne. I'm not at all overweight and doctors used this to discount the possibility of PCOS for a while. My bloodwork showed very low androgen binding hormone and consequently high free testosterone. Ultrasound confirmed PCOS. I went on the pill and spironolactone to regulate my periods and tackle my acne. The improvement on the acne was really dramatic and it really quickly disappeared (leaving me with scars though!). Eventually I decided to stop the spiro and thankfully my skin stayed clear.

So I'm on Diane 35 at the moment and it's probably ensuring my periods are regular and my skin is clear...but I REALLY want to come off the pill because I hate not knowing what my body is really like. I really want to know the truth.

Is there a chance that the stressful period in my life brought on the symptoms and now that things are more on track, I may not have such severe symptoms? My diet is probably a bit better, having eliminated white bread and being aware of the affects of sugar.

I really really want to go off the pill and see whether I get periods again and whether my skin is okay (I can tolerate pimples but really couldn't handle going back to having severe acne). I'm so so scared of what I might discover though. I'd be devastated if my period never came on its own...I don't want to just depress myself.

One day I want to have kids and I don't want being on the pill for so long (so far 5 years) to reduce my fertility further than it already is from PCOS.

What do you recommend? Should I go off it and see what happens, or should I keep my head in the sand and wait until I NEED to go off it (ie. to try to conceive)?

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