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Hello! I am new to this message board and wanted to share my story. I have PCOS and me and hubby tried for 11 years to get pregnant. I have always been over weight and lucky to get my monthly once a year if that. I have tried every diet and excercise plan to lose the weight. About a year ago some friends of mine was going to the bariatric clinic to lose weight and it was just falling off. So I decided to give it a try, and it WORKED!! In a year I had lost 85 lbs. and didn't even really have to try to lose weight! Easiest thing I have ever done and I feel great! I did join a gym too, but would only go about once a week. My Dr told me that if I would just lose 30 lbs. I would start having my periods regular and if I lost even more I would get pregnant. He said that was my only hope for getting pregnant with PCOS. At exactly a 30 lb. loss I started having regular cycles every single month on time and ovulating which I hadn't done in 11 years on my own. And 3/7/08 took 3 hpt and they were all positive. We was so excited, to have finally done it naturally by just losing weight. On 4/24/08 I went in for my 12 week ultrasound and was told I was pregnant with twins....but one didn't develope and the other had no heartbeat. 4/25/08 I had to have a d & C, go back to Dr. in 2 weeks for follow-up visit. Dr. said the miscarriage had nothing to do with the PCOS, and nothing we could have done to prevent that from happening. The chromosomes were just not in line with what they needed to be. He said we could start trying again in 3 months. But I just wanted everyone to know it is possible and there is HOPE! I have never felt this good as to when I lost all the weight and became pregnant on my own!

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