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Hi everyone :)

I have a few questions, and in need of some support - no one truly understands what I'm going through. This is a bit long...

Ok, so here's my story :)

I'm 22 years old, and my regular doctor diagnosed me in Jan 2007 with PCOS simply by knowing that I had a cyst once the size of a quarter on my ovary, and that my periods were never normal - I'd sometimes go 6 months without a period - and that I'm slightly overweight. When I did have a period, it was extremely heavy to the point where I'd pass out from the pain. :( First question - is a doctor able to tell you that you have PCOS just by those symptoms, or does she HAVE to look at an ultrasound? How were you diagnosed with it?

I used to have a different doctor two years ago that referred me to my gynecologist, but we switched insurance companies and I ended up with the new doctor that diagnosed me. I stupidly did not go back to that gynecologist - or any other one - for about two years, ever since we switched insurance companies. That gyno was really nice - but two years ago, I wasn't having the problems I am now so I wasn't able to talk to her about them. Anyway, we finally, FINALLY just switched back to my old regular doctor from two years ago (who I have an appointment with on Tuesday) who will be able to give me a referral to my old gyno. ...Sorry, I just realized how confusing this must be :)

The doctor that diagnosed me with PCOS insisted on doing everything herself (which is a reason I at first didn't feel a need to go to a gynecologist), she never referred me to a specialist for anything (I also suffer from hypothyroidism). So, now that I'm older and less naive, I'm becoming more conscious about my health and refuse to let her do everything. I'm feeling awful - which means she must not be doing something right. My new doctor will hopefully send me to my gynecologist and an endocrinologist - and I'll finally be able to be treated right for everything.

So...back to Jan 2007. She put me on Metformin (500mcg twice a day) and I took it religiously for about 9 months. It made my period somewhat normal, instead of six months, it was coming every two - but I'd still feel lethargic and I wouldn't lose weight no matter how hard I tried. I had no energy, I was emotional, and my periods were still just as heavy and painful. After about 9 months, I stopped taking the Metformin - and I immediately felt better, but my periods were back to being late.

I've been feeling constant pelvic pain for I don't even know how long now... which brings me to my second question - did you all feel constant lower abdominal pain (where you feel cramps during your period) before you took any medication for your PCOS? In other words, is this pain normal for not being medicated right now?

So, in January of this year, she put me on the birth control Yasmin (not knowing that I stopped taking the Metformin, because I tried telling her once before that I want to stop taking it and she flipped, lol) and I took Yasmin for the past three months. I felt good the past three months with my period coming on time, but I started getting cysts on my breasts because of the pill! Either way, I don't have enough money to renew my prescription, and the new doctor probably won't renew my prescription anyway until I see my gynecologist. Ever since I went off the pill, my breasts feel better and the cysts are gone. So, I don't want to take any medication for PCOS until 1) I know for sure that I even HAVE it, and 2) I see someone who knows what they're doing and diagnoses me correctly with the right medication.

With both conditions, I've been feeling awful lately. That stupid doctor insisted on looking at my Thyroid herself - and she changed my medication dosage but I feel worse than I did before. This is when I realized that she doesn't know what she's doing and I finally decided that I'm taking control of my health.

My family is getting fed up with me being so tired and emotional all the time, but they don't seem to understand that I can't help it. They care and want me to feel better, but don't really make an effort to be a part of it or to help me get the care that I need. I've always been afraid to go to a new gynecologist (because I tried going to one a while back, but that lady told me that I'm clinically obese - I weigh 145 and I'm 5'2"!! How is that obese? Overweight, yeah, but not obese) and I've just been suffering without getting the help that I need. Stupid, I know. But I finally figured that it's time to do something about this, because I've had enough of being so tired and blah all the time. My mom always filled my head with "If you take birth control, you'll have trouble having kids when you get older," but when I researched PCOS, I realized that without the proper care, I could have even more difficulty getting pregnant when I want to. Having kids was always something I looked forward to - I love kids :) So I want to do whatever I can to make sure I'm treating this right. I decided to stop being so ignorant about my health and ignore what my family says and just do it all on my own. Needless to say, since my family is just eager for me to stop being so tired all the time but isn't very supportive, I feel kinda alone dealing with this. My boyfriend is supportive, but he doesn't really know what's going on with me or understands what hypothyroidism or PCOS is, lol.

Thank you to anyone who reads this and replies! Any help or support would be very much appreciated :)


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