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Hello Katia, welcome to the boards. I also have PCOS and what I can tell you from my experience is that sometimes when I have sex it's a little painful, I just feel some stabbing pains mostly on the area where my left ovary is. I don't want to scare you, so keep in mind that most of the times it's fine and I don't have any pain at all. I don't think sex will make PCOS better or worse. Also there are many women who have PCOS and are able to get pregnant, either by living a healthy life they get pregnant by themselves, or with help from medications like metformin, clomid or infertility treatments like IUI, IVF. I'm not sure how popular or common infertility treatments are in Colombia, or if they are very expensive, but I think the first thing you should do is going to see a specialist and do a lot of research on PCOS and infertility.

All the best to you and congratulations on your engagement, suerte.

By the way, I've been to your country and it was beautiful :cool:

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