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I read your message today....i feel like my situation is very similar to yours....Im 26 years old, but have had no plans any time soon to have children. In the back of my mind for about 2 years ive lnown something wasnt 100% with me.the few hairs, the mood swings on my period as im in so much pain.the gaining of weight.the physical changes ive endured i felt were manageable.but over a year ägo it was my mother that researched pcos....she asked me to present my symptoms to my doctor, and get doctor brushed me off, dismissed felt like a twat.....carried on plucking those few hairs, and having painful periods.......untill recently.....decided to get checked out again by a different doctor. My bloods came back perfect. Ultrasound results came back different...results showed pcos on right deflated this explains alot of things.but why oh why did the previous doc, brush me i want to follow-up and find out if Im åble to have children... I say for you fight every step.dont let doctors put you off. Do not feel i got my ultrasound results yesterday....was given no further options, other Tham eat healthy and lost a bit of weight...Im not even a big gurl...LOL... Im worried about future like you....but i hope things are better for you since you posted this message.i would like to know how things have progressed.x

[QUOTE=nicolabee;3972905]hi ladies, thanks for your responses. i wrote this post last year after just finding out about having pcos, heres whats happened thereafter.

after finding out about pcos i was sent to see a gynae consultant as i want to conceive a child. first appointment he sent me for natural tracking, which is basically the internal 'stick inside' ultrasound again. he wanted me to have it a few times over a few days to see if an egg was ovulating etc. typical nhs would only give me one scan and it wasnt even on the right day so the excercise was fruitless. I had day 21 blood tests also over 2 months, the first came back as '14' and the second month came back as '28' - you have to be over at least '30' to show ovulation - so it appeared i was having annovulatory cycles and have not actually been ovulating at all.

NOTE: what they did see during the internal ultrasound during the natural tracking episode was that now my LEFT ovary is ALSO polycystic. The lady who did the scan says it prob always was and the other radiographer didnt see it. I know this not to be true as i have had 2 internal ultrasounds since diagnosed with PCOS (one on nhs and one private) and both hospitals reported i had normal left ovary and normal left size ovary etc so i KNOW that the left has developed cysts since i was first diagnosed. So now both my ovarys are polycystic. Also my symptoms have gotten worse.

The hair on my head is coming out and thin.
The hair on my face has increased and is getting worse. it used be a few dark hairs on my chin, now i have lots of fine hairs all over my chin, upper lip and sides of face. I also have hairs on my hands and a few on my chest.
My acne has gotten ALOT worse.
I feel like my body is trying to turn me into a man and am having a lot of mental trouble dealing with this, some days i do believe i would be better off dead.

Anyway back to my story of whats happened next. I have lost 3 stone in weight. i was 16 stone and am now 13 stone so still have some to loose.

So next i was booked in for a laproscopy which i had at end of march & it included a tubal dye (to check tubes clear), also to drain a external simple cyst i had on my right ovary, and also a procedure called ovarian drilling / ovarian diathermy.

Ovarian drilling is where they puncture the ovary in 4 places to try and get rid of some of the cysts and this is supposed to help with ovulation. they are under the idea that as my partner has strong sperm (he has been tested also), if they can get me to ovulate then i might have a chance at conceiving without medication (such as clomid)

they said it would only take about a week to recover from the operation. Total crap, try 3 weeks. it was awful, im not going to lie. they found my tubes were clear but my right tube was twisted or stuck to my right ovary. im not sure exactly as you dont get any consultaion on the nhs afterwards, infact the consultant wont see me til august (4 1/2 months after op) so im not even sure what they found or whats happening.

I expected to be put on clomid after the ovarian drilling to give me best chance of ovulation. Wrong again. They wont give me clomid because of risk of multiple pregnancy (yeah fat chance!) or ovarian hyperstimulation until at least 4 month after ovarian drilling. The benefits of ovarian drilling, if it works at all, only last 6 months so i wanted clomid straight away to have 6 good attempts if you like.

So like i said to the fertility nurse when trying get my appointment with consultant moved forward fdrom august, if the ovarian drilling has not worked and has not made me ovulate then i might as well have the clomid, whats the point in waiting. They did not even organise any 21 day blood tests to see if the OD had worked and i was ovulating, useless nhs.

So i demanded to have 2 months of having 21 day blood tests done and said if the blood tests did not show ovulation then i would be demanding clomid straight after.

It has only been the first month after the operation and OD. I had the 21 day blood test and it came back at '33' so the fertility nurse says i ovulated this month according to the blood test. However dispite having sex every other day from day 9 - day 19, i still got my period this month, so not pregnant again.

I will try again this month, but i hold out little hope. Why, well to be honest i have a new problem i think.

I was always wondering why when i had a 28 day cycle (and so should be ovulating on approx day 14) that i did not get my LH surge until day 16 or 17, showing that i ovulate late on day 18 or 19. But i still get my period on day 28. Now you need to have at least 10 days between ovulation and period (called luteul phase) to be able to sustain a pregnancy. My luteal phase may only be 9 days. SO even if i am now ovulating and actually conceiving, my body wont support the pregnancy anyway.

So in conclusion, i feel like the nhs has let me down, like my body has let me down and very very low right now.

Sorry to sound so pessimistic, but i dont want to lie to you.

waking up every day with the hair loss, the acne, the beard and the knowledge that i will never have a child and most likely die young of diabetes or heart problems really does NOT give me the will to go on. But i will, because i have too.

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