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I have been dealing with woman problems for the last seven years. I am 29 years old and have been diagnosed with PCOS.

I to had regular periods. My testing came up normal, all except for the inner ultrasound. I had one big mass covering an ovary. Next test, about 2 months later, it was gone. Am on hormone therapy birth control. This started after having the start of cervical cancer at 22 years old. The dr's did have me on byeta and metformen. The byeta was injected into the stomach twice a day and really helped, it is made from the gila monster's saliva. The metformen shot my body through more destruction. They are both diabetes drugs.

The doctors said we had a 5% chance of getting pregnant and 1-3% chance on keeping the baby full term and not miscarrying. We had a healthy baby girl last may. We both thought we would be without children during this lifetime.

I have severe sharp stabbing pains in my lower center of my abdomen, especially with sex, with wiping after urination ( really deep pain ) It is on and off again. Sometimes it might last for 30 seconds, other times 2 min. It will bend me over from the pain. Painful periods, heavy heavy flow, lower back pain, always tired, no energy.
Lots of coarse black hair growing out of my face, nails growing funny, skin tags all over, hair thinning on my head, funny feeling in my hands and feet, bruises on my upper right hand of abdomen. I could go on and on. I am almost 30 years old and can't even find the energy to do normal things.

You can get pregnant. We did. We didn't use any protection for over 5 years and quit trying, When we finally did get pregnant, I thought I was really sick again or something.

I also have more testing in June. I have been to six doctors for this and they all want more testing that isn't needed or put me on this drug. Nothing has helped me so far. Try to keep good nutrition. PCOS affects insulin levels dramatically. Also, get a lot of exercise and sleep. Get onto a good hormone therapy birth control. Sometimes that can help people. Other than that, PCOS is a lifetime syndrome. You just have to manage it and its symptoms. Also, get routinely checked for type 2 diabetes. They run hand in hand.

Just hang in there!! I always feel like a terrible mother and wife. It isn't my fault. It is strange how so many of us take our health for granted.....

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