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Nighteyestt - I have PCOS and I'm currently pregnant. You can have PCOS and still ovulate, please keep in mind that not all women with PCOS will have all the symptoms and some women don't have symptoms at all. I was the ones who had almost all of the symptoms. I can tell you that after losing 25 pounds I started to ovulate and had my periods on my own. We tried for a couples of months without any help but nothing happened, so we started with clomid and nothing, then one IUI and nothing, finally my husband was tested and he had very low sperm count and only with an IVF done on late July we were able to get pregnant.
First I would suggest for you to get a good reproductive endocrinologist so he/she can do all necessary tests and see what treatments are best for you. I would also suggest for your husband to be tested because you never know if he has a problem.
Like Stoter1 said women with PCOS get pregnat and I am one example of it, his wife is another example. I always took care of myself, I followed my doctor's orders and most importantly I never lost hope. My husband and I supported each other throughout the whole process and we always knew it would happen.
All the best to you and lots of babydust.

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