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Welcome to the board, we are happy to have you "hang around." I am a fellow "PCOS"er. My RE will not give me odds either. He has told me bascially that my chances of getting pg with clomid and IUI is 16%, my chances with injectibles and IUI is 22%, chances with IVF (at least his claimed success rate) is 75% on first try. I am doing injectibles with timed intercourse, which he claims is a 18% chance of success. But there are so many factors, including DH sperm count, how many follicules develop, etc. I am hoping my odds are a little better. I was also put on a diabetic diet for PCOS, but I stink at it. All I do now is stay away from bread and pasta, but I will still have a piece of cake every once in awhile :)
Hi. This is my first time posting. I too have PCOS-my husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years now. So far, no such luck. I have done 3 cycles of clomid and still--nothing. This will be my 4th one(starting tomorrow. This month will also be my IUI and I really don't know what to expect. I also am unsure of the success rates. Has anyone out there gotten pregnant on their first try with IUI and clomid? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to everyone!

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