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I have PCOS and I'm not insulin resistant. My u/s ususally show many small cysts. I might have two periods a year on my own and I do not ovulate on a regular basis. My doctor has told me that my androgen levels (male hormones) are high. I have a little bit of excessive hair on my belly and feet. However, I'm lucky that my facial hair is very blond and you can't tell that I have it. I am overweight, and when I'm not on fertiltiy meds, I have some hair loss.

With my old doc, I paid about $50/month of 100 mg of clomid, $95 for progesterone tests, and $360 for ultrasounds. My first IUI (artifical insemination) cost $307. I discovered that if I asked my doctor to schedule a pg test at the same time of the progeterone test, that insurance will pay for it. Also, with my old doc, I had to take ODK tests. I paid about $13 for 7 Clear Plan Easy. Recently, I started a new RE. His office will let me pay insurance negotitated rates if I pay day of service. This will reduce my IUIs to about $120 and U/S to about $180. The sprem wash will still be $240. Another thing that I'm learning it to ask you doc to make sure the insurance company realizes when procedures are diagnostic in nature. My insurance pays for all dianotstic tests.


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