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I have PCOS and I'm not insulin resistant. My u/s ususally show many small cysts. I might have two periods a year on my own and I do not ovulate on a regular basis. My doctor has told me that my androgen levels (male hormones) are high. I have a little bit of excessive hair on my belly and feet. However, I'm lucky that my facial hair is very blond and you can't tell that I have it. I am overweight, and when I'm not on fertiltiy meds, I have some hair loss.

With my old doc, I paid about $50/month of 100 mg of clomid, $95 for progesterone tests, and $360 for ultrasounds. My first IUI (artifical insemination) cost $307. I discovered that if I asked my doctor to schedule a pg test at the same time of the progeterone test, that insurance will pay for it. Also, with my old doc, I had to take ODK tests. I paid about $13 for 7 Clear Plan Easy. Recently, I started a new RE. His office will let me pay insurance negotitated rates if I pay day of service. This will reduce my IUIs to about $120 and U/S to about $180. The sprem wash will still be $240. Another thing that I'm learning it to ask you doc to make sure the insurance company realizes when procedures are diagnostic in nature. My insurance pays for all dianotstic tests.


I too have the symptoms the rest of the girls have. Are you ttc or are you looking for treatment of pcos?

Symptoms: Weight gain 50 lbs in a year without changing anything, facial hair, irregular periods - I would go months without one and then have one for 30 - 60 days.

Diagnosis - I went to 3 different MD's before being diagnosed. Finally the last one only talked to me and said he thought I had PCOS. He put me on Glucophage (metformin) and I began 28 day cycles. 2 months later did a laparoscopy to confirm PCOS. You can be diagnosed with a trans-vaginal ultrasound if you have a good tech who knows what they are looking for "ring of pearls" and if they have good equipment.

As far as getting pg, we had tried for 7-8 years before we got pg, and we now have a wonderful son who just turned 2. I was not able to continue with the MD who put me on Glucophage because of Insurance Change, but my regular MD let me continue it since it was keeping my periods regular, 6 months later we had a positive pregnancy test.

As far as insurance goes, if they do not cover infertility (and most don't) you may want to go to the MD and tell them you have been "chating" with other women and think you may have PCOS, but to please not diagnose it as infertility. I'm not trying to be dishonest with the insurance company, but PCOS causes infertility, but even if you were not trying to get pregnant they would cover it as just PCOS.

If you have any more ??? let us know.
I've never been regular. When I was a teenager, I had 2-3 periods a year. My mom didn't think anything of it because she was the same way and after she had me never had a problem again. By the time I got to college, I gained 55 pounds without changing my eating habits (actually was eating more fruits and less potato chips and pizza) and with the addition of all the walking I had to do around campus. I went to a dr because by this time my periods had disappeared completely. She laughed when I told her about the weight gain. I told her that it felt like when I had PMS I would get bloated, but then never lost that bloated weight. It just kept compounding. She told me I was out of my head and that I just ate too much. She put me on the pill and I stayed on it because it gave me regular periods with very little cramping.

When I got a real job at 25 with health insurance, I went to a dr (by then I was living in a different state) for my initial exam. She took blood tests and was alarmed at how high my cholesterol was. She referred me to an RE, though at that time I wasn't sure why. The RE (and this is through an HMO) did more blood tests and confirmed that I had PCOS, a disease I'd never heard of before. He said my cholesterol (the good cholesterol) was off the charts, but not to worry because that was not going to change. He said it was a manifestation of the PCOS and that he could put me on meds and a strict diet and I likely would not see much improvement with the numbers. My "bad" cholesterol was very low.

Long story short (too late!) My other symptoms were VERY high androgen levels and very low levels of most other hormones. No periods since age 18 (without meds) horrible facial hair (though I'm Italian, so it could also be genes), hair in other embarrassing places, weight gain.

The only thing I took for it was birth control, but went off that for when I started ttc. I now take provera to induce periods in order to start a new cycle.

Hope that helps.

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