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Hello Sam welcome to the healthboards, you will find a lot of women here who are going through the same experiences as you are. I want to start by telling you that a big number of women with PCOS do get pregnant and I'm one of them. I am currently pregnant after having an IVF cycle.
I also started missing my periods when I was 16 and they were less and less every year, I was also put on bc pills but I didn't get diagnosed with PCOS until I was 23, I'm 33 now. I continued with the pills for many years because I wasn't trying to get pregnant anyways. I strated taking Metformin about 4 years ago and just like you and most who take this medication it was awfull to my stomach but I finally got used to it about 2 months after taking it. I was also overweight and I can tell you that just taking Metformin alone did not help me lose weight, I was still the same weight after taking the medication for over 1 year. Then two years ago my doctor told me I needed to do something about my weight if I was planing on having a baby, so I went on a diet and exercise plan and I lost close to 30lbs. I always tell people that if they want to lose weight on Metformin alone is not going to work, it will help but you need to do your part.
My husband and I started to TTC last year in October 2007, first we tried naturally, I was having my periods every month but it never happened, then we tried clomid for 3 months and nothing happened. My husband was tested and we came to find out he had low sperm count. So we did one month of IUI and that also didn't work. Finanlly we tried one cycle of IVF and it was a perfect BFP. The whole proccess since we decide to have a baby took about 8 months.
So I just want to tell you not to lose hope, if you take care of yourself and your health, if you have a good doctor that knows you well and has a good plan for you, you have a good chance of getting pregnant. Most women who are trying to get pregnant see a Reproductive Endocrinologist. Also I don't know how the medical insurance is in Scotland, but my insurance in the US paid for everything. If you don't have insurance you can end up paying thousands.
I wish you the best and please think positive because one day you will have a baby.

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