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Hi Cin25, I didn't get diagnosed with PCOS until I was 23 but my periods started to go out of control after I was 17 and my weight also went up. Back then the doctor only gave me the pill to regulate my periods. I didn't start taking Metformin until about 4 years ago and that was because my blood sugars were high and I was overweight, I can't remember the exact numbers but they were over 140, I was also never diabetic but I needed to take the metformin to prevent diabetes. Two years ago I went on a diet and exercised so I lost close to 30lbs, I went off the pill and had my periods on a regular basis. I think your daughter's sugar levels are ok, but what I can suggest is for her to maybe start an exercise plan, she's in school so maybe joyning a sport in school. You mention she was having a hard time at school so maybe being part of a team will help her make new friends and lift her spirits. She should also try to stay away from junk foods, I know it's hard specially when it's a teeanger. Schools don't have the best food so maybe it's better to bring a healthier lunch from home. If she doesn't want to do a sport in school maybe you and her can workout together after school.
I am currently checking my blood sugars and I'm no longer on metformin but that's because I'm pregnant and the doctors are monitoring me to prevent gestational diabetes, my numbers in the morning are 87-92 and after eating are 101-142. At this stage I obviously cannot compare my numbers with your daughter's but I think you should wait on the metformin and try the diet and exercise first.
I hope things get better for you and your daughter, all the best to the two of you.

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