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Hello Ritaki13, Glucophage or Metformin is a medication that is usually prescribed to people with type 2 diabetes and it helps to reduce the sugar levels in your blood. However, this medication is also prescribed to women with PCOS because women with PCOS also have insulin resistance. I'm not sure if this medication will help you increase the size of your breasts but it might help you to have regular periods and therefore help your hormones. I've been taking Metformin for many years and my breasts never got any bigger.
The acne and depression are also symptoms of PCOS, I always had a bit of acne but nothing severe, I usually use coco butter cream and it helps to dry the pimples and prevents dark marks. I also dealt with some depression a couple of years ago and exercise and talking to my doctor also helped a lot in dealing with the condition. If your acne is really bad I would suggest talking to a dermatology and they should help you with the problem.
I'm sorry that you are feeling down, most of us with PCOS have to deal with a lot so it's understandable the way you feel. I just hope that things do get better for you and that you are able to lift up your spirits.

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