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Hi Rozalove,

Welcome to the board :)

I too have PCOS and am taking Metformin (500 mg 3x a day). I've had several IUI's using Follistim (4 amps daily) and the max amount of mature follicles I've had in a cycle is 3 (and that was only 1 time ). I would love to have 18!

I had a hard time with the Follistim stinging at first but my doctor suggested I numb my belly with ice for 10 minutes before giving myself the shot, it's much easier now.

I hope you get some good news on Tuesday!! Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

[img][/img] Gr8ful

I am currently 27.5 weeks pregnant with twins g/g. I too have PCOS and numerous other problems. Last pregnancy with my 4 year old I conceived with 100 mg clomid and glucophage (which regulated my periods)

This time I conceived with Follistim /glucophage /Ovidrel. The first few monitoring ultrasounds I had over 25 follicles, but as the medicine was increased, only 4 matured. I did IUI with 3 follicles over 1.8 and conceived twins.

Good luck to you.

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