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Hello, my doc ok'd me today to stop my metformin that i started before i was preg, now i am 19 weeks. she wants to send me for a fasting blood gluclose test next week. Is this normal protocal? I would not normally mind but everyone in my area is sick and i do not want to be stuck in a room with a bunch of coughing sick folks at the testing lab. Or is this just part of my normal prenatal testing that can maybe wait a week or so. Thanks for any help, this is really playing on my mind.
Yes the glucose test is normal, I also had one after I stopped taking metformin on the second month of my pregnancy. Almost all pregnant women have this glucose test because of gestational diabetes and you might have another one between 24-28 weeks of your pregnancy. Women you have PCOS are at a higher risk for developing gestational diabetes so it is important to take this test. I would also suggest moving to the pregnancy threads since you are more than 6 weeks pregnant.

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