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i am going to try that! Thank you No i wasnt doing healthy, as a teen i had a eatin problem with starving yself and amking myself vomit but my fiancee taught me to take better care of myself. i dont vomit no more but i did eat once a day but now im back at home i am made to eat properly. small meals like a diabetic person. becuase my dad is one so we eat like that. its quite easy and less intake each time. i am taking metiformin for PCOS prenatal vitamins for low iron because i bleed to much. and i am taking yasmin to regulate my periods an ovluate. but now they are lesser days and no every month.
Hi Angelina,

If you find that Yasmin is not regulating your periods, see if you can get a change of pill. Also keep in mind that you are really having your period when you are on the pill. It is only withdrawal bleeding.

In your natural state (ie. without the pill) you usually ovulate (ie. release an egg into the uterus) about 15 days after the start of your period. At this point your ovaries begin to produce more relative progesterone in order to prepare your uterus for conception. If the egg is not fertilized by around 15 days after ovulation, your body will shed its lining and the whole process begins again.

With the birthcontrol pill you are not supposed to ovulate so obviously your body will not work in the same way. The pill is a series of synthetic hormones that mimick your cycle. During the seven days of sugar pills or no pills, you will bleed from hormone withdrawal (ie. withdrawal bleeding) and the bleeding will stop once you begin the pill cycle again. Some of the newer pills do not have a withdrawal period and women do not get any bleeding at all .. some others have you bleed only four times a year and so on. Some of these pills are so strong in relative progesterone that your uterine lining atrophies (becomes extremely thin) and may sometimes bleed or spot. This is why I stopped the pill because I began to bleed a lot more and not during the withdrawal period. This was after 20 years of successful use. Once I stopped the pill, my periods returned to normal (at this point they were real periods).

I think all women should know how the pill works in their body. It basically interferes with the ovulation process and is supposed to keep eggs from being released into the fallopian tubes. In addition, your menstrual cycle is not a true menstrual cycle .. it is a mimicked cycle controlled by synthetic hormones. Your real cycles are therefore not necessarily being regulated, just suppressed.

Hope this helps. Keep up the healthy diet and exercise .. this is the best thing you can do for yourself. By the way, a "diabetic diet" like your dad's is actually what we should ALL be eating. A sufficient amount of protein, controlled starch and plenty of fruits and veggies (although diabetics should control a bit more the types of fruits and veggies .. more or less in order to lower their glycemic index and maintain a steady and not too high sugar level in their bloodstream).

Take care.


Hello Angelina,
I was diagnosed with pcos when I was fourteen. Thankfully, I had a great doctor, whom I still have to this day, and she knows what pcos is and knows what to do and how to treat it. My symptoms where severe depression, irregular periods, I would go nine months with nothing then a month and a half with a period, very fun in middle school (sarcastic) and I had horrible acne and fluctuating weight. My doctor put me on Yasmin birth control for regular periods. I have tried not taking, just because I wanted to see if I could could do things naturally, but I gained about twenty pounds, depression was horrible, acne was insane and I didn't even get a period. I tried just a regular birth control, same thing.
The reason why Yasmin works for women with pcos is because it has an anti-testosterone hormone in it and pcos is all about excess testosterone which causes the excess facial hair, weight gain, and the actual egg for your period from being released. Pretty confusing, I know. I've been on Yasmin for about six years and I love it, I will never change until I try and get pregnant. I also take glucophage (metformin) to help lower blood sugar, help lose weight, help prevent diabetes.
I am really sorry to hear about your miscarraige, I imagine that is hard to deal with, as well as your surgeries. My mom had a miscarraige after my older sister, if she had it, I might not be here, I am the youngest, I think god has plans and I was meant to be here for a reason. Oh, sad to hear about the appendix as well, when my mom gave birth to my older brother, she hemmohraged, and the doctor was, lets say an a-hole about it. She could have sued, but she was just greatful to be alive.
Anyhoo, pcos is very frustrating, but we are not alone! Hope I helped:]
~Patty Kay~

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