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I was recently diagnosed with PCOS by a gynecologist, however my doctor suspected that I had PCOS already this summer, and then I was put up on the waiting list which took over half a year.

I've had the symptoms of PCOS for years now though, despite only being sixteen years old. I believe I was about 12 when I started developing hair on my stomach, and a slight hair-growth over my top lip. The growth on my legs was horrendous, and I've got hair even on my thighs. My arms aren't exactly smooth either.

My period first started a few months before I turned nine, but when I became about 12 years old, my period; which once was the regular once a month, suddenly started only appearing 3 - 4 times a year, and following it was terrible cramps, which before then I've never had!

When I was at the gynecologist, she didn't even take an internal ultrasound on me, because I had absolutely every symptom of PCOS, so she said it wasn't necessary to look for cysts just yet. Also the fact that I had just developed Diabetes 2 added to the factor.

She subscribed me to Yasmin for the PCOS, and my doctor subscribed me to 500 mg Metformin each day for my Diabetes. However when I started on the Yasmin, I started getting horrible stomach cramps, that left for after a few second, before coming back a bit later.

Now for my questions:

Is this a normal side effect of the Yasmin?

Is there any additional side-effects of taking both Yasmin and Metformin?

I read somewhere that taking Metformin and Yasmin at the same time could increase the blood sugar levels is this true? My blood sugar has increased since I started on the Metmorfin.

Is there any way I can get rid of the hair-growth? Whenever I shave my legs for example, it only takes about an hour before I can feel hard, prickly hair on my legs, and my stomach is no better. I stopped having swimming lessons at school (which were mandatory from 3rd to 8th grade) due to the hair-growth, and haven't been in swimming-hall since then, which is sad since I love swimming... So the hair-growth is pretty much the symptom that bothers me the most.

And for the last question; is it possible that having PCOS from a really young age, can effect your hormones in the level of attraction to another person?
I've yet to have even a small attraction to anyone, so it makes me wonder.

Thank you.

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