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I found out that i had Pcos a couple of months ago. When i was younger my periods were never regular so i thought it would go away. I would only get my period 4 times a year sometimes less.
But when me and my Fiance desided to try for kids. We been trying for over 6 months and i still didn't get prego. thats how i found out i had it.
so i did some research on the internet to see if i can find any herbal remodies since i don't have insurance for meds.

i been taking Fish oil pills for 3 months now,multi vitamins and i just started taking Vitex from GNC a couple of days ago.

The fish oil has been working for me. My acne has subsided alot. I got my period last month after 6 almost 7 months of not having it. And i just stared it again ontime!!!!!!!! So i am thinking it's the fish oil that helped and probebly because i started to eat better and go mountain biking more often. :)

So if you are having trouble with getting your period i would try taking fish oil pills. I got them from Costco for $20 i believe.

i will let you know how the vitex works :) :wave:

hopefully i will be a mommy soon :)

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