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It's not confirmed that I have PCOS, I'm 22 now and my periods were irregular as a teenager, aged 17 I developed a large ovarian cyst that had to be removed after several years, during this time my periods seem to stabalize a bit but there were many missed cycles, probably due to the cyst. Straight after this I went on the pill but came off it exactly a year ago. Since then, my periods have been regular (31 days) except from one cycle which came 5 days late. I was having a bit of ovary pain recently so went in for an ultrasound, there I was told everything was fine except my ovaries looked large which can be a sign of PCOS. I went back to my GP and he basically said it's not worth investigating further, but that PCOS is a possibility. I know this isn't right and I intend to see another GP who isn't just out to save NHS costs. But in the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what I can for myself. So I'd be grateful if you would share your opinions on my questions.

Firstly, does PCOS seem likely to you? I know some people can have regular periods with PCOS. I don't really have any other symptoms, I'm 8 stone, no excess body hair (the only thing I can think of that would qualify is I get quite thick, black hairs below my belly button, and I wouldn't expect them to be so dark).

Secondly, I've been having libido problems for a year now. I've had my hormone levels checked and they came back fine (which is more confusion to the PCOS possibility). Same with thyroid function. But suddenly over the past week, my libido has just returned, and not only is it back but, and this might sound strange, my whole 'area' just feels 'healthy' again. It's something I considered when I was having the problems - prior to the libido issues the skin and labia around my genital area was 'soft' and moist, and for the past year it has felt dry and 'rough'. Now it feels back to normal again. Suddenly now my cervix feels soft and moist too, before it always felt harder, and when my libido was around it felt softer at times too. I thought I might have been going mad and the whole libido thing was in my head until this happened, a big reminder of what it used to be like. But I can't even enjoy it because I fear it might be temporary. I've got a theory in my head that my cycles over the past year have been annovulatory and that this one is one where I will ovulate (sort of the equivalent perhaps of someone with 'fully fledged' PCOS getting a period after a year long absence). Could it be that my libido diminished because my body considered no ovulation as no point in wanting sex?

I'm not due to ovulate for another week. I'm curious to know what point it is predestined a person will ovulate... is it from the start?

Sorry for the length/possible nonsense of this, I'm just trying to make sense of answers GPs aren't willing to give.

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