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Re: Diagnosis
May 15, 2009
Just a note: my doctor told me you can have PCOS and not have any cysts. Kind of ironic, but last ultrasound I had back in 2004 showed no cysts and I was sent on my merry way...5 years later after i FINALLY did my own research and brought it to a new doctor I had my testosterone levels tested for the very first time (I couldn't BELIEVE no one had tested it before given my symptoms since I started my period at age 12!) and they were sky high, and I had other symptoms. I was put on metformin and yasmin and as of last week my testosterone levels are NORMAL and I feel 100% BETTER! I've even lost 17 inches (and most is coming off of my mid section!)

So even if they say you have no cysts, don't discount PCOS and insist on further testing!

Good luck!

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