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hello, newbie
I also have PCOS. I was diagnosed when I was fourteen. I used to go about nine months with no period then a month with a period, thankfully, I have, in my opinion, the best doctor ever. She gives me a hormone called progesterone, if I do not get a period. What it does is it stimulates the ovary to release an egg to give you a period. My doctor usually gives me seven to twelve pills of this hormone and you take it once a day until you get the period. I'm not sure of the mgs. but it does work.I really haven't needed it in a few years since I've been on my regular birth control. I have been on Yasmin since I was fourteen, but I have tried other birth controls, but Yasmin really is the best because it is anti-testosterone, whichs is the main culprit in PCOS, and for me, it really helps. I'm sorry to hear about your pregnancy troubles, I am only twenty years old, so I have been on my birth control for six straight years.
As for your doctor not having much of a reaction, I would switch to a doctor who cares more or tell him/her how important this is to you and having a child is a big deal to you, so he/she needs to take it more seriously. About the symptoms, its different for every woman, I had some symtoms, like the irregular periods and depression, some women have sever weight gain and ruptured cysts some have none at all, it really depends.
I hope I helped and good luck on getting pregnant -_^
~Patty Kay~

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