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I was put on Yasmin. Same pill, but the hormone levels in Yaz are a bit higher than in the yasmin. The Yasmin agrees with my system well, and hasn't given me awful painful periods like Brevicon and Tri cyclen and Alesse did (I was on those before my PCOS diagnosis).

Anyway, the only complaint I really have about the Yasmin is that it has lowered my sex drive. But, in return it's helped me lose weight. It's funny, everyone I know gains weight on the pill -- I lose weight!

OH! And my blood pressure has gone up. I went from a consistent 110/70 to a 150/90 range. Not good given that I *am* a diabetic. So I'll probably be put on an ace inhibitor for that. You might not have the problems with the BP if you're not diabetic. Diabetics tend to be more sensitive to high BP!

Hope this helps!

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