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hi i was diagnosed with pcos about 3 1/2 years ago, i am 20 years old now, me and my partner have now been tryin for a baby for around 2 years with no look as ive been told im not ovalulating which i dont understand becasue im still having periods. i used to get really heavy irregular periods for the first couple of years of being diagnosed and then i slimmed down and lost around 30 pounds and they have become regular not to the date but near enough. i have had my fallopion tubes flushed out and there fine, my partner has had a sperm cont and hes fine, so its just me.

i have been put on some tables which i have to take one on the second day of my next period till the 6th day, and then i have to go back to the hospital on the 21st day of my period to have a blood test to see if i have ovaluated.

i was wondering if anyone has been on these tables (sorry im at work and forgot what they are called) and could give me some advise on the pregnancy rate and if any one has become pregnant after taking these tables.

i was really scared when i was first diagnosed but now i have realised there is a lot of treatment out there for women like me and every1 else trying to concieve with pcos.

i hope every1 is ok and to look on the positive side, if it was my partner who had the problem there wasnt much that could be done for him but its me and there is loads of treatment out there.

also another thing i no im gabbling on a bit but i have been pregnant b4 when i was 16 but sadly due to circumstances i had to abort. so what i dont understand is that i must have been ovulating then or i wouldnt have got pregnant.

Natalie :confused:

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