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Hi, I am looking for any help on my pcos diagnosing.
I am 42 and have 2 boys, 2 miscarriages.
My periods are always on time, although they are extremely heavy and very painful.
I am not over weight, no facial hair, no acne, no hair loss among other pcos symtoms.
My diagnosis came about through blood tests and an internal ultrasound. Which showed multiple cysts on my ovaries. Im not too sure about my blood tests until tomorrow when I see my Dr again. All I do know is they suspected multiple cysts detected through blood tests?? And later confirmed through ultrasound.
How come I have no other symptoms, I have no relatives that have had this and regular periods???
Am I going to get these other symptoms?
I have to see my Dr. tomorrow and would like to go in with more questions but I am at a loss on all of this.
I am not having any more children and I am having a hard time trying to find anyone who is in my position who could help me with this.
As I said I see my Dr tomorrow and time is crucial on opinions!!
If anyone can help me please email me or message me asap.

Thankyou, Michele

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