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Hi there,

I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. Age 30. I am taking Metformin right now 250mg X 3 (with meals). I am supposed to take 1500 mg eventually.

I have lots of questions.. it is normal to feel constipated after starting this? Everything I have read says diarreha so I thought it was strange that I am constipated. I started taking it Wednesday and now it is 5 days later, I think I had a bowel movement twice since starting and it was a challenge.

I also want to know what happens if your meal times change. The pharmiscist says take with meals, but what if my lunch is close to breakfast, or if I don't get a lunch .. or something, like if I miss my supper as i am travelling... what should you do? Not take it? Or skip it until the next meal etc?

I also am very concerned about the use of alcohol and drugs. I do not hardly ever use drugs or alcohol, but If I were to drink, should I stop taking it for a few days before and after? Is it safe to consume alcohol while on the medication? If I go out and drink 4 or 5 drinks is this a bad combination? This rarely happens.. I do not drink alot.

I also want to know how safe it would be to use cocaine if you were on this medication. I know it's embarassing to ask, and once again , It would be a very small amount and it is not something that I often do.. but some friends and I will be getting together for a special event and I know someone will offer and chances are I would do some. I want to know basically the same things that I asked about alcohol, is it safe to do it while taking metformin? Does it make a difference to stop taking the medication a couple days before hand and after? Or is it something that I should not do at all?

I hope I get some helpful answers. Thanks all

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