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I was diagnosed with PCOS at a young age, I believe 14 years old, I had horrible periods. I have been on the pill since then it has been ok, but recently I have had so much trouble losing weight that I had a crazy idea to stop the pill completely to see if it would help. Well this has caused weight Gain...I have been at the gym daily for at least 30 minutes doing the ellyptical and cut down on my calories I eat 1200-1800 hundred daily. In the past month I have cut out alcohol, diet soda, crystal light and red meat completely. I am gaining weight haven't lost a thing? I am trying so hard and getting no results, my doctor gave me a script for Metformin so I just started taking 2000mg's a day. Will this help? Has anyone gained weight with Metformin? I just had a series of bloodwork before stopping the pill, everything was great so I don't believe it can be anything else. Has anyone experienced this? Also I am just waiting to get my period now and I am planning to get the Mirena IUD inserted anyone have experience with this? I was very bad with my pills and would miss them all the time and since I don't plan on having any more children I think this may be the best option.

Any Feedback is greatly appreciated!
wow ladybug your story sounds identical to mine.. i am almost 26 years old now.. have had pcos and insulin resistant since age 14 too.. i also have thyroid issues too.. thyroid problems cause weight gain too.. i only take synthroid everyday.. the reason i devloped all these issues were because of years of psychiatric medications for bipolar treatment.. i refuse bipolar meds now, because of all the health issues it has caused me.. now i am on the atkins diet and lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks already. very strict diet though.. no bread, no rice, no pasta ever.. i eat all meat, poultry an fish only and salads.. i dont excersize really ever.. Now i tried metformin an fortamet numerous times and always caused me diahreaa all day long.. I cant take those meds anymore.. I actually got pregannt unexpected last year... was in inpatient in hospital while haven my period for 2months straight and clotting like crazy.. has 2 blood transfusions.. so my reproductive endocrinoloigst first put me on provera but that made me suicidal then she put me on femara an i have a beautiful 7month old baby girl now.. my daughter weighed 8pounds 12ounces.. so very unexpected my daughter was.. maybe deprovera or provera will work for you.. how does metformin work for you?? when i took it i never lost weight.. only had constant diahreea all day long-that i just couldnt deal with-so i stopped it.. only med i take everyday now is synthroid for my hypothyroidism.. i use to be skinnky from age 10-15.. i weighed 125.. now i am 267.. its awful.. i can barely shed the pounds due to all these health issues.. so i know what your going through.. hang in there.. try atkins diet..
Hi ladybug. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2005. I had bad experiences with BCP. I do have 2 kids. I think my oldest son was just a miracle. My younger son I credit to the Metformin. It did get me ovulating! I also had a lot of stomache problems with the Met, though. I nolonger take it unless I have a high spike in my blood sugar. I do have type 2 diabetes now. I try my best to control my sugar with diet. My Dr. refuses to give me anything besides Met. I actually ended up in the hospital with an ulcer in my lower intestine from the chronic bowel problems it caused....(TMI, I know) I had the Mirena inserted around a year ago. I used to only have about 4 periods a year. I've only had 2 in the last year. My OB/GYN says it's fine because the Mirena thins the lining of the uterus. I do have side affects from the Progestrin. My face and hair gets oily. I have to use prescription acne medicine on my face. I have pelvic pain, but I always did. The insertion was kind of painful, unpleasant. It was bearable, but I would suggest requesting a local anesthetic to anyone getting one. My hubby and I are talking about another baby sometime, so I'm considering having it removed now. I'm struggling with weight gain, as well, and I really don't know if it's the Mirena or not. Anyway, good luck and I hope I was helpful in some way!
Hi Ladybug! I began taking Metformin last month (Feb 2010) & have lost a total of 15lbs. I did stick to fish, chicken, salads & excercise in order to accomplish some weight loss. I am now on 2000mg's & have not gotten the runs from it yet. crossing my finger & hoping I don't get them. I read on some other website that the south beach diet really works w/peepz that have PCOS & are on metformin.

Let us know your doing w/met.
Metformin helped me SO much. im on 1000 mg daily. I did have some belly upset the first month , but now it doenst bother me at all. It also gave me energy to exersise. Since it sounds like you have the exersize down I would suggest weight watchers. Personally I am not on it but I have saw my Father in Law loose 30 pounds in 2 1/2 months. Yes there is a cost and yes its annoying to keep track of the points but im sure you may have fellow PCOSers in the group meetings you can speak with. Even if no one with PCOS is in the meeting, i know from my father in laws experiece ( he used to do the same thing you did) that it WORKS! Please keep us posted.

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