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I was diagnosed with PCOS at a young age, I believe 14 years old, I had horrible periods. I have been on the pill since then it has been ok, but recently I have had so much trouble losing weight that I had a crazy idea to stop the pill completely to see if it would help. Well this has caused weight Gain...I have been at the gym daily for at least 30 minutes doing the ellyptical and cut down on my calories I eat 1200-1800 hundred daily. In the past month I have cut out alcohol, diet soda, crystal light and red meat completely. I am gaining weight haven't lost a thing? I am trying so hard and getting no results, my doctor gave me a script for Metformin so I just started taking 2000mg's a day. Will this help? Has anyone gained weight with Metformin? I just had a series of bloodwork before stopping the pill, everything was great so I don't believe it can be anything else. Has anyone experienced this? Also I am just waiting to get my period now and I am planning to get the Mirena IUD inserted anyone have experience with this? I was very bad with my pills and would miss them all the time and since I don't plan on having any more children I think this may be the best option.

Any Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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