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I am a young female and since October I have been starting to have problems with my period and noticed some changes in my body.

To start off, I have never missed a period since I have gotten it when I was 13. They have been regular and I never cramped, nor had any problems with them. I have had some problems with acne since I was 15, mainly on my chest and arms, sometimes face and upper back. Nothing overly significant though. As for weight, I was always a chubby child but I could lose weight quickly if I exercise and ate properly. I developed hypothyroidism in the fall of 2007 and have been on medication that is monitored since.

Since the summer of 2009 I had been undergoing a lot of stress and started eating a lot of junk food to combat my stress and depression/anxiety. Around october I underwent a significant amount of stress and didn't get my period following the incident that caused me a lot of stress. I ended up getting my period in November again and it was heavier. Since the summer though, I had gained A LOT of weight- to the point I got stretch marks on my stomach and sides (never had stretch marks before) and even a little upper arms. I felt bloated a lot. After november, I missed my period for two months and spent them worrying about pregnancy. I wasn't pregnant. During the time of my normal period I was getting spotting, brown discharge that appeared before my actual period started before. But my actual period never came. Eventually I got my period again in February. It is now march and I am suppose to get my period this week, yesterday I noticed brown spotting again- so I don't know if this is a light period, beginning of a period, or a missed period

Concerning my weight, I have just recently started an exercise program and am worried that I will not lose weight because it might have something to do with my hormones. Recently I had blood work done and my thyroid is under control, as well as my blood sugar and everything is fine. I never had my hormones tested though. I have an ovary ultrasound in 2008 without any problems.

I have noticed some extra black stray hairs on my inner thighs, near my navel and a little on the side of my face. My upper lip seems to have grown a little more hair too, not a lot but I definitely notice it now when I look in the mirror closely.

My question is this: after all the stress and unhealthy eating, could it be possible that some hormone disorder developed like PCOS? I am worried that I am growing extra hair and that my period is not going to come, I am probably over stressing with all these symptoms now too. Do hormone disorders get triggered by certain things? Do they come on rapidly or would this most likely be a result of over-stress and quick weight gain?

Any help would be nice, not getting your period is very stressful and seeing extra hair is even more worrisome. I don't know if I am now hypersensitive to the hair on my body or if things are out of control because of all the weight I gained (approximately 40 pounds)

Thank you.

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