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I don't understand. Are you being put on both the Metformin AND another anti-androgenic med (like Spironolactone perhaps ?) .. or just the Metformin ?

Metformin is usually a second line treatment for PCOS after the birth control pill. Quite obviously if you are suffering from migraines, the pill is definitely not for you.

This drug is definitely the second line treatment if your goal is to regularize your periods and help to control your weight. However, I hope that your doctor has tested you to make sure that you are a good candidate for this. She should have checked your creatinine levels (ie. to do with kidney function). Also, I assume that you have definitely been diagnosed with PCOS and that you have higher than normal androgen circulation in your blood, right ? There are two types of testosterone to check for: bound and free. The free testosterone is the one that is active so it is the one to look out for.

I personally was put on Spironolactone for a while when I was a kid because I have hirsutism (ie. lots of facial hair). It did absolutely nothing for me and I was eventually taken off of it. At the age of 20 I went on the pill for birth control reasons and the hair problem was not as prominent. At the age of 40 I went off the pill as it began to give me problems. Now at the age of 43 I am noticing the hair problem starting to come back but I have decided to control it with electrolysis or some other hair removal technique rather than messing with something systemic. I was never diagnosed with PCOS but I did have slightly elevated testosterone levels in my blood as a child and adolescent. With 20 years of pill use, my bound testosterone is very high and my free testosterone is very low. The pill is known to bind testosterone so I suspect that 20 years of use caused this. I also had screwed up periods as an adolescent but this obviously regularized when I went on the pill (fortunately) and now that I am off of it, my periods are still regular (touch wood). I have never wanted children so fortunately for me, fertility was never an issue. I did have to have a large ovarian cyst removed with surgery (lap) last year.

Just make sure that you are indeed a good candidate for this drug and really see if it is necessary to be put on both drugs if they are recommending both.

Hopefully someone who has tried this drug will chime in but I just thought I would put this in, in case it can be of some help to you.

All the best,


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